Terms & Conditions

Transparency & fairness in our dealings

For every new website enquiry we will supply a written quotation free of charge based on the information supplied by the potential client. TopDraw WebDesign (hereinafter referred to as ‘we’) prefer to meet with potential clients, face to face, where possible, to discuss all potential avenues and get a ‘feel’ for their business.
Once a price is quoted, it is fixed and remains valid for a period of three months – there are no ‘hidden extras’ and should the client (hereinafter referred to as ‘you’) wish to proceed with the work, this is the price you will pay provided the brief has not been altered.
Once we have the go-ahead to proceed with the quoted design brief, the quotation forms the basis of our contract between us and you and a deposit is required (minimum £50) to allow us to commence the work for you.

During the creation of the website, you will be kept updated and given the opportunity to view the website before it ‘goes live’ the feedback you give is always welcome here. Please check everything carefully, ensuring that any images or links that you supply are not copyrighted as we cannot be held liable for this or any errors in spelling or grammar.
Once the website is ready to go live and before it can do so, the website must be paid for in full (^unless you have elected to take out our instalment plan, in which case only the first instalment becomes due)
All websites and artwork created by us remain the property of TopDraw WebDesign until fully paid for.
We allow a maximum of 14 days grace when payment becomes due after which we reserve the right to ‘switch off’ any website we have created if payment is not made and no reasonable explanation has been forthcoming. TopDraw WebDesign will not be held responsible for any penalties incurred on search engines or otherwise.

All websites hosted by us incur a yearly hosting charge of £75*^ which includes a yearly maintenance review so the website includes all current updates and best practice.
Where a domain name is ordered for you through us the registrant details will be in your name and the administrative details in TopDraw WebDesign. The domain name is always your property and can be moved on request to any other provider free of charge.
Should you wish to move your website to another design studio, please notify us by email, then provided that all outstanding monies have been paid, we will do everything that is practicable to ensure the transaction is as smooth as possible, however, due to the many factors involved we cannot be held responsible for any ‘down-time’ or loss of content.
In the unlikely event we are unable to continue hosting or maintaining your website we will endeavour to give you at least six weeks notice to allow you to find another supplier.


*Current 2020-2021 rate.  ^Only first years domain and hosting covered in websites paid in 18 monthly instalments.

Get Your Website Found (SEO)

Guaranteed Blackpool SEO services

It is not enough to just have a website, your website needs to be found by your potential customers. We incorporate into all our websites ‘Google’ best practices, your text and images are optimized and relevant and all the web pages we design are submitted to ‘Google’ and ‘Bing’ for listing. In a competitive market we can utilise software tools and over ten years of proven SEO experience will push your site to the top of the listings. In fact, we are so confident of our ability – We offer a guarantee! If you take out our £60 a month Blackpool SEO package for three agreed search terms, you don’t pay till you get results!

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