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Brene Hotel Blackpool - Created March 2020

In February 2020 we were approached by Darren & Alison, the owners of the Brene Hotel, to create a new website for them

Being local, I dropped round to see them to discuss their requirements. I chatted with them to find out about their business and find out what they wanted from their website.

They already had a website created several years ago, but this needed updating and was no longer showing up on Google and in the search results. After a bit of research The 3 major reasons for this were.

  1. the website was not mobile responsive (Did not resize if viewed on a phone or tablet)
  2. The website did not have a Privacy Policy required by new GDPR legislation.
  3. Because the website had no security certificate (SSL) it was showing as ‘Untrusted’ by Google.

Darren & Alison wanted to incorporate a ‘Hotel Booking System’ they already had set up and to show the latest guest reviews on the homepage. It was also decided to have a contact form so that potential guests had a way to ask questions directly. A gallery and interactive ‘Google Map’ were also included. By the time the website was completed the only thing really carried over from the original website was the ‘Header’

Darren & Alison - Brene Hotel

Darren Farr - Brene Hotel

“Hi Andreas

I must say how impressed I am with your work!”

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