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K & M Plumbing & Heating Services - Created March 2021

At the beginning of 2021 we were approached to create a new website for a local plumbing and heating business. They wanted something new and fresh to properly reflect their expanding business.
Because of Covid restrictions, I was limited to talking with them over the phone to find out about their business and find out what services they offered the local community.

I found out they are a father and son family business and suggested they promote this on their new website.

They already had a website created several years ago, but this needed updating and was not showing up on Google and in the search results.

Kieron and his team also wanted to stress they did ‘A complete job’ bathrooms with tiling, shower electrics, flooring, whatever was required they can do, negating having to do deal with several tradespeople.

We were pretty much to our own devices after designing a logo for them and we set about with the idea to create something eye-catching, easy to read and navigate, and designed from the outset to show up well on the search engines. The result:

Kieron and his team liked the new site so much they have since set us up with more work –
So it’s also a big thanks from us!

Darren & Alison - Brene Hotel

Kieron Taylor - K & M Plumbing and Heating

“Brilliant design”

“Very impressed!”

K and M Plumbing and Heating
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