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Coming from a family whose father was a Graphic Designer and mother an Illustrator, I have always had a love of design, but when I left school I went straight into the print trade as a general ‘dogs body’ I found my niche in doing artwork ‘Paste up’ and being called upon to colour match ink by eye. This eventually led to logo and brochure design. Unfortunately, because the print trade went the way of many industries and I soon found myself looking for another career.

I became interested in computers, which led to me becoming a qualified programmer, but this didn’t really satisfy my creative side.

Then in 1999 I created my first multi-page website and I found myself having more and more fun. Eventually I starting to make a little pocket money from it.

In the early 2000’s desktop publishing software was being rolled out, programs like Microsoft Publisher and Corel Draw held the promise of cheap church flyers and birthday cards for everyone, however, they were clunky and restricted and much was designed using templates so I didn’t really pay them much attention.

It wasn’t till much later when Adobe had finally streamlined programs like Illustrator, that online design really had any interest for me. Most importantly, I slowly found myself getting to grips with designing Artwork and Logos on the computer. Since then I haven’t looked back and in starting my own business in Blackpool and I find enjoyment in designing again.

Evolution of a Logo

The sliding panels below show the 70 year evolution of a logo 

Associated Motorways

Shortly before the second world war Associated Motorways was formed from an amalgamation of several coach companies operating under one banner. This was their Logo in 1949. 

The Swinging Sixties

Often referred to as a ‘Golden Age of coach travel – The Associated Motorways group could field upto 800 coaches and in the 1970’s went on to form the basis of National Express.

Into the 21st Century

With the Associated Motorways brand being dropped it was subsequently bought and revived in the early 2000’s. We were commissioned to modernise the logo whilst retaining the brands heritage.


Hotel Experiences Company

A logo depicting elegance and class through use of colours and typefaces also sun and holiday break is implied – supplied in two colours – rollover image.

Knits by Di

Logo created for a knitting e-commerce website using the clients favourite colour and creating the letter ‘K’ from knitting yarn.

Thornton Sandblasting

The brief was for a modern logo using the company initials and depicting their mobile service usp. It is now used on their website and company vans.

All Minds Matter

This design was for a round green logo, one that may be used on promotional materials.

Thats Handi Logo

Thats Handi Hotel Services

A design for a complete nationwide hotel services company, supplying ‘Helping hands’ to the hotel industry. 

Logo Pricing

Our prices for a single design start from as low as


A group of designs of different sizes for use on different media starts from


Images can be supplied to you in any popular digital format including:


The Vegan Platform

The Vegan Platform

This design was for a new Vegan Directory set up to promote Vegan and Vegan friendly businesses, obviously green is the dominant colour.

Complex Minds

A design having a mind as the centre of the ‘O’ using the pink and typefaces specifically requested by the client .

Spotlight - Elderly care matters Artwork

Elderly Care Matters

This Logo was based on a similar existing Logo re-designed to incorporate ‘Elderly Care Matters’ and used on website and advertising material.

Stand Up Against Bullying

This logo was created for a bullying awareness campaign, since it’s creation it has been used on merchandise and promotional equipment, as well as featuring on a local youth teams football shirts.

TBA Virus Control

TBA Virus Control and Sanitisation

Logo creation for a virus control company created during the height of Covid 19.

Logo Prices

Our prices for a single design start from just £30

A group of designs of different sizes for social media use starts from £99

Images can be supplied to you in any popular format including: 


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